Monday, June 18, 2012

Dave In Spandex! A Must See! Suppesville Too!

SHOW INFO BELOW but first...

Hey wanted to share with you my May bicycle trip on the Natchez Trace.

My brother Steve, My Uncle JP Prather and I took 7 days and rode all 442 miles of the Trace from Natchez MS up to Nashville TN!  We had great support.  My Uncle Paul Prather provided an RV and my Dad provided a truck.

Could not have asked for better weather, better people to be around or a road to ride!  It was a trip for sure!

Even got to pick and grin a couple times along the way.

Below is a link to a short YouTube video with pictures and short video clips from the ride.  Check it out!


Yes we know we're cool.

I will be performing at Suppesville Golf Course on Saturday July 7th for the Garden Plain 1992 High School reunion and for who ever else wants to show up!

It will be a laid back acoustic thang sittin round the fire.  Family friendly good times.  Come out if you are in the Wichita/Oxford KS area!

Here is the Facebook Event link to Suppesville Saturday July 7 at 7pm!
Steve Parks, JP Prather, Dave Parks
Dave's helmet hair is amazing!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going Ridin'

Gonna ride the entire Natchez Trace next month! Check out the video! To donate to PET and learn more go here To watch a YouTube video of what they do check this out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

K-State Songs and NCAA Regulations | Must Read!

I was informed tonight by the K-State Athletic Dept. that I cannot sell or profit from my songs "It's A Purple Thang" or "Wildcat Grill." Each song lyric contains names of student athletes and certain "terms" in the lyrics are owned by Kansas State University and not used by permission. "NCAA Bylaw, which does not allow for references to the University’s student-athletes for commercial gain. Using their names could result in eligibility issues for the athletes involved. I want to state publicly that I have not profited from or plan to profit from either song in anyway. They have been given away for free with no ad revenue. Also in the future if I write a "K-State" song I will not use student athletes names so as not to cause any problems what-so-ever. I'm asking my fans to not post either song on YouTube so as to stay away from breaking any laws or NCAA regs. Love writing tunes, playin' and singin'! EMAW Dave

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NCAA March Madness Kansas State Style

Well here we go again! This song is to get us ready for the Big Dance. Mens and Womens programs are heading for the NCAA Tournament. If you're a Kansas State Basketball Fan you've gotta check this tune out. Special appearances by Deb Patterson and Frank Martin. Listen close. If you can't download from SoundCloud you can download from here. Right click and choose "Save Target As"

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wildcat Grill come on and listen.

Can't wait for tomorrow night's 2012 Cotton Bowl Dad and I wrote a little tune to get ready for the game! Click to listen! Or go to and like my page if you haven't had a chance.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The highlight from last nights broadcast on UStream. The song is called Wildcat Grill. My dad and I wrote this song in honor of the Cotton bowl match up this year between K-State and the Arkansas Razorbacks.