Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yes I'm Still Kickin' and Pickin'

Ah ha!

You thought I was done posting on this site didn't ya! Wrong!

This summer was a great success and my new day job is keeping me busier than I would like but hey we all do what we can to keep supper on the table!

First, I would like to thank my friend Tom Henning for acting like he missed my email updates/blog posts lately and wanted to hear from me. At least one person missed me.

Well I am still playing downtown Nashville and we get started around 6:45 every Tuesday night! I have met so many great people from so many different places across the globe! If you plan to come to Nashville please let me know and you should plan on being in town on a Tuesday night.

My good friend Chase Foster has moved to town and attending Belmont University. Of course he is playin' with me every Tuesday. Now I'm ready to write some songs with him... hope this happens real soon!

I have been very blessed to play with many great players throughout the summer and the band I get to perform with every week is absolutely amazing. It's not saying much but I am the least talented person on stage.

Got a new pic on my web page and myspace so check it out. Let me know what ya think. I'll have more pics for ya soon thanks to

And thanks to Ted and Nanette for the live shots you see in this post.