Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CD Releasin' and Summer Road Trippin'

I hope your summer is going awesome!

Have you been watching my video blog?  If not you can check it out at The blog takes you through the process of putting a CD together and all kinds of other goofy stuff.

I have so much to share with ya!

The new record is done!  Shipped it off to the factory yesterday.  Stay tuned for exclusive music from the CD that only Dave Parks fans will have access to!

I am still performing at Legends Corner in downtown Nashville every Tuesday and we broadcast live over the internet.  Check us out Click on Live From Legends!

  • We will have a CD release party in my hometown of Oxford KS on Thursday July 9.  My band will be there to play at Napawalla Park.  It’s gonna be a big ol’ time! Stay tuned for more details! *** Click for a Map!
  • Then Friday July 10 will be the official CD release Golf Tourney at Suppesville Golf Course. Gonna hit the links, get fried (in the sun …. But I know what you were thinkin’) and then it’s on to rockin’ the night with another outdoor show at Suppesville.  It’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever played golf AND music! *** Map
  • And if that wasn’t enough Saturday we will be on to K-State land for another CD release event for all my posse just north of Manhattan in the metropolis of Leonardville at Nelson’s Landing!  This will be a crazy night!*** Map
So if ya live within a couple days cattle drive of any of these shows ya better show up!  We would love to have ya.  Make plans today!

***If you are interested in being a sponsor for any of these events please reply to this email ASAP!  We can fill you in on the details of what a sponsorship would include (such as all kinds of dp merchandise among many other benefits)!