Saturday, June 05, 2010

Go West Young Man!

Long time no see!

Just wanted stop by and say hi and let ya know what the summer plans are.

This Tuesday my son Mikhail and I are going on a cross country road trip (queue Dumb and Dumber DVD) .  We are going to Fort Belknap Agency Indian Reservation near Harlem, Montana for a mission trip to help with Vacation Bible School and help finish up a church parsonage.  I’ll also get to use my bus driving skills once I’m up there so look out!

Because Mik and I are driving we are going to have plenty of pictures and videos from the road.  We are going to hit Mount Rushmore on the way out so stay tuned to my facebook page and youtube channel (you can subscribe) for updates. is the best place to see all our posts from the trip.

I’ve had many new email subscribers since my last email so don’t forget you can follow me on twitter at

In July we will be at the Fillin’ Station in downtown Kingston Springs on the 9th and the following day we’ll be at Elm Hill Marina on the 10th.  Hope to have a few more gigs in July. 

Also lookin’ to do a couple acoustic gigs while we are on the road out west.  If you live in Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah er Colorado AND would like to have a Dave Parks acoustic concert give me a shout.  Would love to sing for my supper! Just reply to this email/post.

I wrote this song in the past few days.  I love makin’ music and wanted to share this instrumental I recorded.  Yes it’s me playin’ both guitars in the song so take it easy on me.  But do let me know what you think!

Just right click on this link and choose save target (or link) as Summer Time

More songs from the road coming soon.

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