Saturday, November 20, 2010

Margaritaville Show #1

Had such a great time tonight at Margaritaville Nashville. Can't wait for the next show. Met Mac McAnally! Crowd was great!

This was the best I could with my iPhone from the stage.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Halloween 2010

My favorite quote from this Halloween is from when the kids were trick er treating. We asked Hayden if he was minding his manners while running up to each house. His reply...
"Nope! I didn't burp!"

Friday, November 05, 2010

Free Music and Big Shows!

Yehaw it’s Fall!  Gonna be 25F tomorrow night out in the sticks west of Nashville. Can’t wait to fire up the wood stove!

I truly hope this email finds you safe and happy!

Got a few things I want to tell ya.

1)    Next Friday 6pm Nov. 12 I’ll be in Tulsa OK helping to raise money for a new organization called Students For Soldiers.  For info on how to get to the venue click here. Please reply to this email if you think you can make it out!  Would love to see ya in person instead of Facebook! Click here to donate to the cause today!
2)    Starting Friday Nov. 26 Dave Parks will perform at Nashville’s newest venue.  Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville!  We will be playing most Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9:30 or 10pm!  You can check the schedule here.
3)    At the urging of my good friend Thom Shepherd and my wife my bands name has become Recreation.  So if anyone out there is a graphic designer and would like to become apart of our team and help us develop merchandise for Parks & Recreation please hit reply now!
4)    Free Music! Just finished a new tune in the studio.  Think About The Days.  I really want you to have the song for free.  I just need your opinion on a couple things.  So if you would answer 5 short questions to help me understand how I can better connect with you it would help me so much AND I’ll give you a link to download this new song! CLICK HERE TO TAKE SURVEY

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Renee, Aly and Hayden made this worried pumpkin.

When we asked the kids if they wanted to clean the inside of the pumpkin they made a face kinda like this guy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday, July 05, 2010

More Free Music and Free Shows

Happy 4th!!!

Hope your Holiday weekend was great!

Wanted to give you some free music, let everyone know what is coming up this week and let ya see some pics from my big trip out west.

After traveling so many miles and rushing around for nearly 3 weeks in June to make the trip happen.  This song helps me stay grounded and to remember to stop and time to enjoy those around you.  And my dad wanted to show off his new acoustic recorder.  So this was one take in the back room of my parents house after driving from Denver.
You can right click the link and download this free song  – “Today”
You can also go to my Facebook page and listen to this same song.

This Friday July 9 I will be at The Fillin’ Station downtown Kingston Springs TN!  We’ll get things going around 7:30 er 8pm.  This will be my first time back in a long time.

Then on Saturday July 10 I will be at the Elm Hill Marina rockin’ the dock with a full band from 7-11pm (Weather permitting show)

Had a great time traveling to Montana with Mikhail.  We had a ball helping out with Vacation Bible School.  And being able to take in all of God’s beauty along the way was amazing. Some of the places we went to: Mount Rushmore, Big Horn Mountains (Wyoming), several Lewis and Clark points of interest, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park.  Drove about 5000 miles in about 17 days.

Hope to have more pictures from the trip by next email.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee you need to come to a show this weekend!  

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Go West Young Man!

Long time no see!

Just wanted stop by and say hi and let ya know what the summer plans are.

This Tuesday my son Mikhail and I are going on a cross country road trip (queue Dumb and Dumber DVD) .  We are going to Fort Belknap Agency Indian Reservation near Harlem, Montana for a mission trip to help with Vacation Bible School and help finish up a church parsonage.  I’ll also get to use my bus driving skills once I’m up there so look out!

Because Mik and I are driving we are going to have plenty of pictures and videos from the road.  We are going to hit Mount Rushmore on the way out so stay tuned to my facebook page and youtube channel (you can subscribe) for updates. is the best place to see all our posts from the trip.

I’ve had many new email subscribers since my last email so don’t forget you can follow me on twitter at

In July we will be at the Fillin’ Station in downtown Kingston Springs on the 9th and the following day we’ll be at Elm Hill Marina on the 10th.  Hope to have a few more gigs in July. 

Also lookin’ to do a couple acoustic gigs while we are on the road out west.  If you live in Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah er Colorado AND would like to have a Dave Parks acoustic concert give me a shout.  Would love to sing for my supper! Just reply to this email/post.

I wrote this song in the past few days.  I love makin’ music and wanted to share this instrumental I recorded.  Yes it’s me playin’ both guitars in the song so take it easy on me.  But do let me know what you think!

Just right click on this link and choose save target (or link) as Summer Time

More songs from the road coming soon.

Buy my CD

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Stories Behind The Songs Of The Fools Like Us Album

My dad and I wrote all of these songs, so when I refer to “we,” you’ll know who I’m talking about.

1.       What I Ain’t Got
When I was growing up our church would have a “Praise and Prayer” time during the Sunday morning service. If people couldn’t think of something they could praise God for that week, the preacher, my dad, would ask people to think about what didn’t happen to them and praise God that it didn’t happen. Most of the people I know living “out on a rural route” are happy not to be dealing with a lot of the problems people face in the big city. Those two things were the ignition for getting this song started.

2.       Fools Like Us
After having a couple songs my dad and I wrote included in a movie in 2008, dad read a concept for another movie the production company might do in the future. The movie plot was to be about some crazy guys that grow up together and are still pretty crazy in adulthood. Dad played the song one time for Jason Jordan at a rest area in the middle of Kansas, and Jason later developed the “sig lick,” the distinctive guitar notes at the beginning of the song, while charting out the songs for our first recording session.  The movie guys passed on this song… their loss.

3.       Count On Me
We were working on this song while camping at Fort Cobb Lake in Oklahoma one night about midnight when a party barge out cruising on the lake had “Redneck Yacht Club” blaring through their speakers and echoing across the lake. It was too late at night for me to call my friend Thom Shepherd (or was it?), one of the writers on the song, to tell him his song was messing up my writing another one.

4.       Whatever’s Gonna Come
Dad got the idea for this song while waiting for his truck to be repaired at a dealership in Dickson, Tennessee. He brought the idea to my house and it was actually a family project. My mom, Susan, and my brother, Steve, all had a hand in this song coming together. We played it for a neighbor the next night and he said we should get it on an album. This song salutes the people that keep putting one foot in front of the other, whatever comes their way, and just never, ever give up.

5.       Denver In The Winter
My dad wrote a version of this song back in the 70’s when a friend ask him to write a song Merle Haggard might sing. Over the years, as I began singing the song more and more, we re-wrote the words in the form you hear on this album. If you listen to the song with Merle Haggard in mind, you will hear a tribute to his music in some of the instrumentation. My grandpa loved this song, we hope you do too.

6.       Rhythm Of The Road
We were talking one night about writing a song that I could use to close out a live show and just let the band cut loose. This song is so much fun to sing live for an audience and put the name of the specific place I’m singing in the chorus. When you hear me sing, “Wind me up and turn me loose, this ain’t no highway forty blues,” that says it all. I really do love rockin’ out with my fans, and I will forever love the rhythm of the road.

7.       You Make It So Easy
Here’s the real me. Loving my wife inspired me to write this song. A lot of the songs we write are about just livin’ life and surviving day to day. I wanted to write a love song that expressed the fact that while living with me isn’t always that easy, letting my wife into my life was the easiest thing I ever did. Oh, my mom likes to hear me sing this song with just my guitar. Thanks mom!

8.       Paint Your Own Road
This song developed from another song idea my dad had. I really liked the idea of one of the lines, which was, “Paint Your Own Road.” So, we took the melody he had and re-wrote the lyrics around the concept in the title. We want this song to encourage you to think outside the box when life paints you into a corner. Sometimes we just have to go where lines have never been before.

9.       Rose Bouquet
A number of people in my family are, or have been, over the road truckers. The trucking industry is an important part of the American economy, but like the music business, being out on the road for long periods of time puts a strain on relationships. This song reminds me that while flowers are nice, finding time for my wife and my family is more important than anything money can buy.

10.   God Sends Angels
I had an idea for a song called “Grandma Prays For Me” and my dad took that idea and developed the story in this song.  Growing up in south central Kansas I spent many an hour sitting on a tractor listening to KFDI radio out of Wichita. Every hour they played a song of inspiration. I liked that idea. Whether we are praying for someone, or being the one prayed for, it should be an inspiration to know that God does send angels.
-Dave Parks

Dave ask me to write something for this post. Well, I’m pretty wordy at times, so I’ll try to keep this short. Every song on this album is a love song. Love of life, family, friends, God and country. It is about the joy and tears in our own lives, and in the everyday lives of those around us. I hope you are able to listen to these songs and recognize some people you know, and on some songs, say, “Dang, that’s me.”
-Randy Parks

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!! Free Music!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope the New Year brings you everything you wish for!

One of my New Years resolutions is to reach more potential fans of Dave Parks!

So starting today for 1 week (Until January 7) I am giving ALL my music away for FREE!!!

All you have to do is join my email list!

So forward this email (or post) to anyone you think might like Dave Parks music.

Got lots of shows brewin’ for the summer can’t wait to tell ya about ‘em soon!

Thanks for all your support over the past year.

Go to
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Look for the download button towards the bottom right.

Don't forget were still rockin' every Tuesday night at Legends Corner and you can watch live at from 7pm-10pm!